Larisa is a wonderful piano teacher, nurturing a great love of music in our two daughters and developing their piano playing ability with tremendous skill. We are delighted by the progress they have shown and the enjoyment they have gained as Larisa’s students.

Larisa is an amazing piano teacher. It has been a pleasure to observe her high degree of compassion, flexibility and patience. She has a vast accumulation of music knowledge and music appreciation. Larisa has been teaching Bianca and Mia for over 7 years. She has taught them incredible music skills and managed to keep them […]

Hi, I’m Andrei. Larisa has been teaching me for 5 years and in that time I’ve completed 8 Grades. She helps me explore new things in music every lesson and I believe this boosted my confidence. Andrei is playing 2 pieces: Four Variations on a Theme by Paganini – W. Labunski Nocturne in E minor […]

Jenny is playing 3 pieces: Love’s repose – A. Henselt Piuttosto allegro con espressione – M. Clementi Mouvements Perpetuels n3 – F. Poulenc

Larisa has been my daughter’s piano teacher for over 2 years – since my daughter was 4. I can wholeheartedly recommend Larisa as a a piano teacher. My daughter now loves music and the piano and has great fun with Larisa during lessons. Larisa is reliable and thoroughly well prepared for each lesson. She tailors […]

Learning the Piano requires two things: exercise and great teacher. I find Larisa very flexible, patient and understanding teacher. She inspires me to learn and seek more. Her methods of teaching made my progress much faster than I expected and I honestly would recommend her to any student who has desire to understand the language […]

Larissa is the most patient and dedicated piano teacher my children have had. In the 2 years that she has been teaching them she has inspired them to persist through challenges and has helped them to achieve high grades in their exams. Most of all they have gained a passion for playing their instrument and […]

Larisa was my child’s piano teacher for nine years and saw her through her grades which culminated in an A for Grade 8. My child’s joy, achievement and abiding interest in music was nurtured and developed by Larisa over these years. I have employed several piano teachers and have had piano teacher for myself. Larisa […]

Larisa has been teaching piano to my daughter who is now 10 for the last year. She is a wonderful, kind teacher who is positive and patient and gently encourages excellence and the enjoyment of music.